Johnsons Bees and Supplies is pleased to offer quality beekeeping products made and supplied by Dadant and Sons, Bennett Apiaries, SouthEast Bee Supply, Midnight Bee Supply, and Mann Lake.


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We are the preferred supplier of honey bees for sale in South Carolina, package bees, queens, and nucs for both the new beekeeper and those wanting to grow their apiaries. Package Bees. .


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. This year and the past 2 years the packages have been running 110-130 around Denver, Colorado from the local shops and bee clubs.


Mann Lakes busiest season is from February to May, after bees emerge from winter hibernation.

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They began selling supplies out of their garage, but quickly found a lot of other beekeepers were underserved as well. .

For 40 years, Mann Lake has worked with customers to supply the highest quality materials and careful workmanship in every product while striving to remain a resource of support and education for beekeepers of all skill levels.
Our bees forage in a location away from road-side pollution and other contaminates, ensuring that the result is.



Snyder&39;s Apiaries is a family owned beekeeping operation, located in White Hall Maryland, that started out in 1980 with 3 hives of honey bees purchased at a farm auction. . Package Bees.

At-a-glance. . . It is a well-known fact that the flowers, herbs and blossoms on which the honey bees feed on is a key contributing factor to the unique and complex flavors of honey. . Established in 1983.

PACKAGE HONEY BEES Packages are 3 lbs and are comprised of worker bees, an unmarked queen, drones, and sugar feed.

Great company but their package bee prices seem to have gone up considerably over the years. Jack and Betty Thomas started Mann Lake in 1983 because they couldn&39;t find the quality beekeeping supplies they needed for their own beekeeping hobby.


is the best bee supply company because it caters to both new and experienced beekeepers.



Im feeding them with a Mann Lake Top Feeder.