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A short plot summary about the manga Love Sky Phra Phai Mai Fa would help many anime and manga fans decide whether they want to watch this show or not.

I figured I would Google translate it. . When love comes with pain this scars will be the origin of "SATAN" this Novel from the original Thai author Daemi.


English Translation Original Novel. Anyone else have experience translating novels Did you use Google or. .

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Love Storm BL Novel is very good and appropriate to read.

This book is worth every single second of it's time.

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CN (3. I bought the Love Sky novel on MEB in Thai.

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I dont think there has been any official (or even fan transactions as far as I can see) yet. . (shelved 4 times as thai-bl) avg rating 3.

. CN (3. 7) 13Go to Hell, White Lotus. Wattpad. . bl; bossnoeul; lovestorm 4 more 10.

And luckily Fayu, a big cyclist, came to help him.

Mame. Uploaded by blNovelsEnglish Love In The Air Special Novel For bl series join dramalabblseries Read and Enjoy.

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LOVE STORM is a romantic comedy.


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Aug 19, 2022 LOVE STORM is a romantic comedy.