Flo has an Australian counterpart named Kitty, who is played by Australian actress Holly Austin.

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Most of the ads from the Progressive saga focus on Flo or Jamie, but this time Mara (played by Natalie Palamides) gets her 30 seconds in the spotlight. .



Flo has an Australian counterpart named Kitty, who is played by Australian actress Holly Austin. . .

Perhaps it's her retro look or, in the words of one smitten blogger, her "kissable red.

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Dudes have a thing for Flo, the perky Progressive Insurance saleswoman played by actress Stephanie Courtney.
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Actress The Heartbreak Kid.

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. Stephanie Courtney is an American actress and comedian, best known for playing the advertising character Flo in television and radio commercials for Progressive Corporation beginning in 2008. , the 50-year-old worked hard to earn her big break, moving first to Manhattan and then Los Angeles to make her mark on the acting scene. Jimmy McMillan Rent Too High. We aren&39;t all about cheap insurance.

If not, how about her character, Flo from Progressive Well, Flo isn't just the woman who pops up for wacky adventures in 45 second commercials, she's also a killer.

In the 2020 ad "Off-the Mara-ket," Mara sits with Flo at a karaoke bar and deflects potential suitors with her back rash, annoying laugh, and enthusiastic. Some commercials just stick with us, and when it comes to company mascots, it&39;s hard to imagine a character who has become more iconic in recent years than Flo from Progressive.

If you tick me off, I just might draw the Verizon guy and then crap is really going to go down.


Portrayed by actress and comedian Stephanie Courtney, the character has developed a fan base.

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