My knees touched the back of the seat in front of me.

So please make sure to. Back in the day the airline was known for its unique route network of vacation destinations and good pricing, but Condors 767 business class left a lot to be desired.

The remaining 216 Haeco-designed seats are in an economy configuration.

Seat comfort.

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Being that our home-base of Phoenix has not historically offered the best in airfare, we were super excited when Condor airlines added a. The main difference would be the amount of seat recline. youtube.

Condor's food is pretty ghastly. 6088 classbhide.

I wonder if Condor airlines' values involve transporting people with dignity.


Condor flies two different cabin configurations of its Boeing 767-300ER. So please make sure to.

But not for the seat selection. .

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May 16, 2023 California condors will receive a vaccine for a deadly strain of avian influenza that threatens the already critically endangered vulture species.


. Condor has hubs at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and Munich Airport (MUC), and the airline is headquartered in Frankfurt. Condors 767 business class features angled seats, so its not really competitive with what else is out there, but ultimately this is a leisure airline.

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I flew Seattle to Frankfurt back in July 2021 to move to Switzerland.

During the peak summer season, tens of flights operate between Germany and Corfu each day. .

1 day ago A conservation scientist once told me he sees the condor as inseparable from the health and future of our environment.

Check out my review of Condor Premium economy class on this Boeing 767-300WL full flight from Cape Town to FrankfurtSUBSRCRIBE FOR MOREhttpswww.

There are fewer than 350 California condors in the wild, in flocks spanning.


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