I intentionally told my mom the wrong name of our baby, resulting in her getting embarrassed after telling other people the name and it being the wrong name.


Names have been changed TLDR at the bottom. Apr 10, 2022 So my friend is about 5 months pregnant and has been talking about baby names with her partner lately.



She came downstairs where my brother and i were at and she started going on how she blamed my dad for making us choose him as the favorite parent and if it werent for him shed have a better. I (17f) am planning a graduation party for the end of this year. .

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She says its too many syllables (I got a cousin named Alexandria and they say the whole name) and always came up with her own names. Contest mode is 1. I was so pissed off, I yelled at her as soon as we left the doctor's clinic.

. I ended up feeling bad and letting him name her Hes now telling me that he deserves a Jr.


Tell her that you appreciate her support at your games.

Gentle YTA. Contest mode is 1.

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Not the A-hole.

The anonymous Reddit user wrote that her friend was about five months pregnant when she shared a baby name she was considering.

She kept bringing it up and up and saying how my life would be easier as Grace.

But literally my entire life my grandma refuses to say it. . My wife freaked out because that word triggers her and told them to get out.

NTA. Live. . Im not saying that he doesnt deserve a Jr. Welcome to rAmITheAsshole. Im not saying that he doesnt deserve a Jr.


OP has offered the following explanation for why they think they might be the asshole I told my boss that my female coworker was heavily drunk (action to be judged). (1524) - AITA for telling my SIL that the party she threw was absolutely a bday party (2912) - AITA for opting out of my best friend&39;s wedding bc they didn&39;t invite my GF (3756) - AITA for heckling a stand-up comedian (5015) - AITA for making my son clean up after he took a shit in a urinal at Taco Bell.



So she's trying to be supportive and show you love and you pushed her away.

My mom said my wife was acting crazy and then said oh my God you are such a cunt.